Energy control
Power monitoring

NRG.Lab develops customized control & monitoring systems based on Schneider power analyzers. The equipments of NRG.Lab provide additional advantages such as: portable enclosure for nasty working environments, enhanced and easier connectivity, customization for specific applications (measurements in networks, power converters).

NRG.Lab has also experience integrating power monitoring in SCADA systems, as well as to build customized application for end-users.

Customized IP67 suitcase for the PM8000 power analyzer of Schneider. Designed for on-site measurements and fast hardware and software interconnection.

PM 8000 Suitcase

High-accuracy energy metering: IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S,  IEC 61557-12 PDM-S

PQ compliance monitoring:  IEC 61000-4-30 class S,  IEC 62586,  EN 50160,  IEEE 519

PQ analysis capabilities:  Dip & swell detection,  waveform capture,  disturbance direction detection,  trending & forecasting

Protocols:  Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850

Ports:  RS-485,  dual-port Ethernet,  Ethernet-to-serial gateway

Equipped with 4 open-core current transformers

Graphical, color display

Onboard, customizable web pages

Customized portable rack case for the ION7650 power analyzer of Schneider. Designed for on-site measurements and fast hardware and software interconnection.

ION7650 portable rack case

3-phase, 4-quadrant metering, class 0.2 accuracy (IEC, ANSI)

Voltage, current, neutral and earth current, power, frequency, power factor, demand, energy, and time-of-use metering

IEC 61000-4-30 class A ed. 2, IEEE 519/1159, EN50160, IEC 61000-4-7/4-15 power quality compliance monitoring

Protocols: Modbus RTU slave/master, Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0, MV-90, IEC 61850

5 communication ports: Ethernet, modem, RS-232/485, RS-485, front panel optical

100Base–TX and 100Base–FX for faster Ethernet communication

4 analogue inputs, 4 analogue outputs, 16 digital status/counter inputs, 7 digital control/pulse outputs

Integrated synchronizer and safety connectors available in the back

On-board web server, email for alarms and data, FTP server

SCADA Solutions
NRG.Lab designs SCADA systems for monitoring, controlling and supervising microgrieds, pilots plants mixing generation systems, loads, measurements and maneouvers.
We develop solutions based on Vijeo Citec or other commercial brands. All NRG.Lab equipments are prepared to be integrated in our SCADA solutions.