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NRG.Lab and Megacal organize a course in Barcelona for Typhoon HIL users
NRG.Lab, as official Typhoon HIL trainer, offers a training course in Barcelona on the 6th and 7th of February.

NRG.Lab and Megacal are the official trainer and distributor of Typhoon HIL in Spain. In the framework of this cooperation we organize regular training courses, in Madrid and Barcelona, to support Typhoon HIL users as well as other researcher or engineers interested in advanced real time simulation platforms.

This two days training in Barcelona will be hosted at the EEBE-UPC school and will be centered in showing the main applications and functionalities of HIL 400, the simulation environment of Typhoon and the new advanced functionalities offered in the last versions.

NRG.Lab as an expert company in the design of control solution will offer a second session focused on the application of real time simulators in the design of DSP based controllers and its Power Hardware in the Loop features.

At the end of this training you will count on the necessary knowledge to develop your models in HIL 400, build control interfaces and use Virtual HIL tools. Moreover, we will offer you some examples and code templates ready to use with the TI28335 development kit and we will show you how straightforward you can bring your simulation to the reality using NRG.Lab control and power conversion platforms.